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Mario Galvan

We’re Back At Last!

    We apologize for the lack of newsletters in recent months, but are happy to be back in a new digital format! We’ve been making some major changes in the last few months, including a re-design of our website (Still under construction, but open for… Read More »We’re Back At Last!


Ending Endless Wars     Why are we willing to live in a world of endless war? Why do we allow our government to support the massacre of unarmed civilians and the wholesale destruction of homes, schools, and even hospitals in Gaza at this very moment?… Read More »EDITORIAL

Today’s Hot Topics!

There’s so much going on these days that it’s hard to keep up with everything! We know that a lot of being left out here, so let us know if there’s something you think we should highlight next time. JULIAN ASSANGE     Today and tomorrow… Read More »Today’s Hot Topics!

Is There A Draft In Here?

   Hey! Do we want our young people being forced to sign up for the draft? Absolutely not! But a bill (SB 1081) has been introduced again (it’s been turned down at least 6 times before!)in the state legislature that would require applicants for California Drivers Licenses  between the… Read More »Is There A Draft In Here?

In Memoriam

Brigitte Jaensch, 1946 – 2024.

Brigitte, a longtime Peace Action and former Board of Directors member, passed away recently. She was honored at a memorial service last Sunday in our conference room, where many friends and neighbors, as well as former associates from her career with the state, came to share testimonies to her intelligence, commitment to social justice, and many acts of kindness.

Mark your calendars!

Join us for our “Spring Fling” Social Gathering April 7th!     We’ll be hosting an early afternoon potluck event that’s open to the community, but will also include a brief member meeting. We’re trying to line up a guest speaker from the Peace Action national… Read More »Mark your calendars!