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We’re Back At Last!

    We apologize for the lack of newsletters in recent months, but are happy to be back in a new digital format! We’ve been making some major changes in the last few months, including a re-design of our website (Still under construction, but open for business!). The newsletter is now being created online in a digital format, and will be sent out through the website as well. Our new format should be much more easily viewed on tablets and cell phones than our former newsletter, which was a print-based publication. We’re still on the learning curve, so please bear with us as we learn to manage this new environment!

    What won’t change is our effort to build not only a movement, but a community of people who understand that the current social system in which we are living is failing in many ways. People often think of war only in terms on armed conflicts, with armies battling with tanks, planes, and ships. But there are many other kinds of wars that we tend to overlook, because they’re never brought to our attention. These are taking place right now in our own community.

    A few examples are the war of the rich against the poor, that results in ever-growing numbers of homeless people camping out in the streets; the race war, that fills our prisons and jails with people of color, and condemns them to be economic second-class citizens; the war on nature by our industrial civilization, which is bringing on a climate catastrophe that may, nuclear war, threatens the very existence of civilization as we know it.

    Perhaps the most threatening of all is the war on freedom of information! The public is being spoon-fed one-sided information by the elites who own most of the major media. Anyone who speaks out to criticize or contradict them is demonized, canceled, or even criminalized. The truth is getting harder and harder to find, and without it, we’re easily misled into supporting criminal schemes and violations of international law. This newsletter is our humble attempt to bring you the truth as we see it.

    If you question or disagree with us, please send us your criticisms or comments! We will be happy to publish them for others to see. Of course, we will respond to them as well, and invite others to join in the conversation. Public interaction is essential in a democratic society. We also invite you to suggest topics that we may be overlooking. Beyond this newsletter, we intend to continue holding public conversations on timely topics, both in person at our office location, and also accessible online via Zoom for folks at home. We want this newsletter to be not just our voice, but yours as well!