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Who We Are

We’re an all-volunteer group, a local chapter of national Peace Action, one of the largest peace groups in the United States …
SacPeace, what we say

What We Say

Words express our ideas, hopes, and fears. We share ours with you many ways. But it’s also important for us to hear what you say. “We” can be “us.” …
SacPeace, what we do

What We Do

We educate and activate people to understand the costs and tragic consequences of war, and to learn how they can help bring peace instead …
SacPeace issues

Our Issues

Humans can create heaven or hell on earth, or both. We study war to learn how to create less of it, and we study peace in order to create more of it …
SacPeace, art plays a part

Art Plays A Part

Of course, spoken words can also be art, but graphic images add color and impact to our messages. If you’re an artist, we need you to help make our words shine! …
SacPeace, you can help

You Can Help

Join Us! We can’t just wish passively for peace. We’ve got to work actively for it! If you don’t have time to volunteer, there are many ways to help from home …

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