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Join the #Strike4Gaza to resist genocide on Mon. April 15 – No Work No School No Spending

April 15

We call on all community organizations, places of worship, businesses, students and workers to go on strike on April 15. Together we’ll demonstrate the power of the masses who stand with Palestine, and raise our demands for a permanent ceasefire, an end to all U.S. backing and military funding of Israel, and the total liberation of Palestine with the right of return for all Palestinians.

Workers: Call off work! Students: Don’t go to school! Business owners: Close your shops! Protest, post on social media, and keep talking about Palestine everywhere you go.

National strikes work best with mass participation. To make an impact, we all need to spread the word far and wide, including to family and friends who might not see it online.

Text your friends, your family, your group chats, your whole contact list to tell them about the strike. Make sure EVERYONE you come into contact with knows that Israel is using our U.S. federal tax dollars to mass murder Palestinian families in Gaza.

Here’s a sample message you can copy/paste:

Hey, if you haven’t heard yet, this Tax Day, Monday, April 15 is the national #Strike4Gaza. That means no work, no school, no spending, and PROTEST. Our U.S. government is abusing our tax dollars to arm Israel with deadly weapons, killing 41,000+ Palestinians in Gaza these past six months. We all need to resist if we’re ever going to end this genocide. Will you join me?

1. Learn more:
2. Find a protest:
3. Look up your city to see how much you and your neighbors are paying for genocide every year: Then share it during the #Strike4Gaza social media storm on Monday:
4. Tell Congress to stop arming Israel:

Then, during the strike on Monday, hit the streets. Talk about Palestine everywhere you go. Post about where our tax dollars are going all day on social media.

You can use the new graphics produced by Visualizing Palestine & USCPR in our social media toolkit, including this template that you can customize for your city or state.


April 15