Did you know that each year hundreds of registered Canadian charities raise over a quarter billion dollars for projects in Israel? That many of these groups support the Israeli military, racist organizations and West Bank settlements? And that a number of groups set up by or close to extremist ministers in the new Israeli government provide tax credits to Canadian donors?

“Colonialism is not charity” will explore what may be Canada’s most important contribution to Palestinian dispossession. Under the cover of charity, organizations are bilking Canadian taxpayers to fund the Israeli colonial project. This webinar will look at efforts to disrupt charities supporting for Palestinian dispossession.

The Defund Racism campaign is a Palestinian-led movement to end the use of ‘charitable’ funds raised in other countries, including Canada, to fund settler extremism and violence. Colonialism is not Charity is a Canadian based campaign focused on exposing and stopping Canadian charities From subjugating and displacing Palestinians.


Bana Abu Zuluf, PhD student & researcher, Defund Racism campaign

Kathryn Ravey, Business & Human Rights Legal Researcher, Al-Haq in Palestine.

Miles Howe, Assistant Professor of Critical Criminology, Brock University, research on “burner charity phenomenon”

Shane Martinez, lawyer and adjunct professor at Osgoode Hall Law School

Khaled Mouammar, Palestinian-Canadian, former member of the Immigration and Refugee Board of Canada

Organizations wishing to endorse “Colonialism is not Charity” can do so HERE.